I was born a long time ago, back in 1955. You do the math. Let’s just say I’m old enough to have learned something about life and young enough to still enjoy living. I have lived my entire life in the Southern California area. And I’m about as American as you can be. My family came here on The Mayflower. I had family at Valley Forge. I also had family in the Southwest as far back as the 1700s, back when it belonged to Spain, and then to Mexico. So my roots here go deep.

I have a deep interest in music, roots music in particular. I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 13, and since you’ve already done the math, you know that is a very long time. Along the way, I picked up the banjo, the mandolin, the dulcimer, and about anything else I could get my hands on. Let’s just say that I like making music. I’ve written more songs than I can count. You can hear some of them on this web page. I’ve done my share of performing, but these days, I mostly play and sing at church.

I also have practiced kung fu for the past thirty years. I actually had a psychic tell me once that it was my destiny to study martial arts. I tried not to, but it didn’t work out and I sort of fell into the practice. I studied several styles, including Tai Mantis Kung Fu and Sun style Tai Chi under Sifu Kam Yuen, Yang style Tai Chi, Wu style Tai Chi, a bit of Ba Gua and the tiniest bit of Kempo Karate. However, my Sifu and master was Sifu Richard Cunningham of the South Bay Kung Fu Club. I studied under him since 1984. I am still part of the South Bay Kung Fu Club and I teach up here in the mountains. My school is Mountain Spirit Hung Ga Kung Fu.

I started writing blogs several years ago on the social media site, Reverb1, which my son created. A few years ago, I wrote my first novel, Natural Selection. It’s a murder mystery. Buy it on Amazon.com. I think you’ll like it. I wrote blogs on various subjects; however, my blogs on religion were the most popular and I continue to write them here now. I call them my Sunday Stories. I hope you enjoy them.

I worked as a retail store manager and as a banker, but most of my life has been spent as an elementary school teacher. I taught for Los Angeles Unified School District. I met my wife at the school where I taught. I retired from teaching in 2012.

I am, of course, available to entertain at your event. Just use the “contact” page to reach me. And don’t forget to donate to the cause if you can. Just hit the Paypal donate button. It’s so easy and it’s good karma.

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